Livio Reveals Amazing Benefits of Their Patented Skincare Product

Livio International, one of the new up and coming power houses in Direct Sales and Network Marketing profession, announces that they are beginning plans to create a media firestorm for their company and patented anti aging skincare product.

Livio International is an anti-aging skin care company that has a patented breakthrough anti- aging technology that works with a Growth Factor Complex and stem cells. It is based on science and not some exotic ingredients or formulation that may or may not work. Livio is in the pre- launch phase and is this first live event will be a part of their overall growth plan.

According to Sharon Tahaney, President of Livio International, “We all know the power of the media in business. And we plan on creating a powerful media presence with our company and products. There are numerous platforms for media. You have TV broadcast media, internet TV media, radio media, social media, mobile media, print media, sign media, and even the new media that has yet to be developed. We are planning as a company to lead the way in our profession to becoming a Media Powered Direct Sales company. This is exciting and we are only at the beginning of what we are planning on doing to bring to millions of people unique and powerful solutions on anti aging.

"I believe that media is necessary for today's successful company, and we are at the forefront of a media game changer that will make direct sales more accepted and Livio International more known."

Damon Mintz, Founder and CEO

Damo Mintz, CEO and Founder of Livio says, “I believe that media is necessary for today’s successful company, and we are at the forefront of a media game changer that will make direct sales more accepted and Livio International more known.”

Tahaney went on to say, “We are in the business of helping people look younger and empowering their finances. We want as many people to know as possible that they can look younger with a new science breakthrough, and feel better about themselves, as well as earn some great part time income. We plan doing this with the power of the media. As I said before, we will be a Media Powered company but only for the reason to create a people powered success with our products and business with our incredible team of representatives leading the way for Livio.”

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About Damon Mintz;

Damon has spent the last 15 years in the Direct Sales profession first in the field as a leader and built a tremendous business with a communications company. And then in business as an owner, and has built a success story that includes Livio International among other companies.

About Sharon Tahany

Sharon has been in the Direct Sales profession most of her life, is the former Executive Vice President of Tupperware, and also worked with Mary Kay Ash as well as personally writing a great selling book about Mary Kay-one of the few ever allowed to do so. She has been highlighted in Forbes Magazine among other media and is a popular women’s empowerment coach.


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